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Lean Twin Fin - Myers Surfboards

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The Lean by Hawaii shaper Carson Myers is modeled after the original Lis Fish from 1969. With added influence for some of Waldens earlier fish, this retro surfboard carries the classic proven to work. It has everything you would find from the boards designed in that era. Down rails, low rocker, flat to V out the tail. The Lean allows for a fast yet responsive feel, that you can ride in knee to well over head surf.

Available as a glass-on or a futures setup.


SHAPER: Carson Myers

DIMENSIONS: 5'8" x 20 13/16" x 2 1/2"

WEIGHT: Varies Per Board

FIN SYSTEM / SETUP: Glass-on or Futures / Keel Twin


GLASSING TYPE: Entropy Bio-Epoxy, 2oz

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