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9'0" Performance Longboard

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Our performance longboard is as much form as it is function. It's precision chambered core gives it the perfect buoyancy with an impressive strength to weight ratio. Soft rails and a thin body allow great maneuverability for turns yet ample control for nose riding. The rounded square tail and 2+1 fin setup provide a balance of agility and stability for handling anything from small town days to solid overhead winter swells. Sure to be a showstopper in the lineup.

MODEL: Performance Longboard


DIMENSIONS: 9'0" x 22 1/2" x 2 7/8"


WEIGHT: Varies Per Board

FIN SYSTEM / SETUP: Futures / 2+1

TAIL SHAPE: Rounded Square

GLASSING TYPE: Entropy Bio-Epoxy

Pickup In-Store Only

Nationwide Shipping Available Soon

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